Terms & Conditions:

  1. 50% weight loss for freshwater prawns after peeling.
    (Ex. for 1 kg. whole (with shell) prawn will be 500 grm. approximately after peeling.)
  2. 50-60% weight loss for sea caught prawns after peeling based on kind of prawns. <
    (Ex. for 1 kg. whole (with shell) prawn will be 400 - 500 grm. approximately after peeling.)
  3. Weight will be variant from billing to delivery for frozen product through transport.
  4. Need to thaw the frozen product (put the product in water for 15 – 30 mins. till they thaw completely.) whenever required and before cooking.
  5. Weight will be variant for frozen product after thaw.
  6. Dressed / Cleaned crab will be delivered to the nearest distance only.
  7. Losing weight percentage approximately 20 to 30% for frozen products after thawing.
  8. Billing will be made based on the weight of whole fish, fish fillets and Crabs in fresh, live and frozen categories.
  9. Order will be delivered from 30 mins. to 1 hour based on the orders queue and traffic clearance.
  10. Additional charges applicable for dressing, peeling, special packing (if required) and for delivery.
  11. Special packing can be arranged towards carrying to other cities, sending to relatives & friends, gift packings etc., if required.
  12. In dressed fish category the packing will contain with head or tail piece or both head & tail and the net weight of the dressed fish at actual after cleaning and removing the waste.
  13. We are following all precautions towards covid and processing, packing the product neatly.
  14. We prefer online billing instead paper bill for online booking customers due to covid pandemic.
  15. Online orders will be accepted from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm (1 pm to 3 pm lunch break).
  16. In any case order rejects from our end the amount will be refund in the same day.
  17. Refund will be arranged in the same or next day in case any rejection by the customer with proper reason. (100% will be refunded if, cancel prior processing the material & necessary charges will be deducted if, cancels after processing and delivery).
  18. Require 2 to 3 hours time to deliver the Marinated item(s) for better result.
  19. Delivery for the non-selected areas subject to delivery boys availability with additional delivery charges based on the distance and the orders will be accepted over phone only.
  20. We accept order booking up to 7 days in advance for all kind of sea caught & freshwater product and the material will be delivered subject to availability. Prior notification will be send to the customer about product availability.
  21. We have online payment transfer through rozerpay, accepting googlepe, phonepe, paytm, bharatpe and cash on delivery options.
  22. We accept orders through our app (skseafoods), over phone & whatsapp @ 9515326915 and through e-mail retail@skseafoods.in.
  23. Tip’s to delivery boy is up to customer satisfaction and wish.